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Vigneto Due Santi was founded in 1965 by the Zonta family. Dynamic and entrepreneurial, the siblings Nino, Attilio, Maria, Armando and Renzo contributed to the rebirth of the economy in Bassano's post-war period. With strong ties to the agricultural traditions of their land, in the early 1960's they managed to acquire land in Bassano del Grappa that was particularly suited to vineyards and they built a beautiful wine estate carved out of the hillside where the winemaking process still takes place today.
In 1969, after almost a decade after the planting of the first vines and after 24 months of aging in oak barrels, the first bottle of Vigneto Due Santi wine was produced.


The passion for wine that was cultivated in the Zonta household took hold in two young men of the second generation, Stefano and Adriano, who, after their studies, decided to put themselves on the line and accept the challenge to enter thewinemaking business. With a great love for the land, these sensitive vintners brought fresh new ideas to the estate. Constantly favoring the natural developments of the vines, they produced fewer grapes but with high quality and expressiveness. Aiming to find harmony between man and the land, they succeeded in rapidly turning Vigneto Due Santi into one of the top producers of Cabernet and Merlot in all of northeast Italy.

The Estate

Vigneto Due Santi began in the 1960's when the construction of the vineyard's main building was completed. After the first piece of land was acquired, the estate continued to expand, little by little, with the acquisition of more and better land for growing grapes; now the territory extends to nearly 35 hectares. Of these, 22 hectares are dedicated to vineyards, bordered on the northern edge by olive groves that occupy 6 hectares. The rest of the land is forest that surrounds the estate in natural beauty. From outside the estate you can see the city, yet the surrounding vineyards and olive groves give visitors a feel of country life. The estate was created to optimize the winemaking process, from the pressing to the aging of the wine, and the space is organized to allow a favorable workflow. A small but hospitable tasting area is on hand to help guests learn about the estate's products.

The Winery

The winery is designed to facilitate and optimize all winemaking operations, from the processing of the grapes to the 'aging and refining of the wine, and great care is therefore taken to organize the spaces according to the flow of work. Finally, a small but cozy tasting area allows visitors to deepen their knowledge of the winery's products.

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