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Hemingway Museum

A few minutes from Villa Ca 'Sette

Hemingway Museum

Also as part of the Centenary of the Great War 1915 - 1918, which unfortunately saw involved Bassano and its surroundings, we suggest you a really exciting visit to the Hemingway Museum and the Great War at Villa Ca 'Erizzo, a few minutes walk from Villa Ca 'Sette.

Ernest Hemingway stayed at the Villa Ca 'Erizzo during the period of the Great War; this is the reason why they wanted to dedicate this important historical and cultural space and equipment.

Of this well-known character in the world of literature and not only in years of painstaking research, they wanted to gather a wide archival documents - photographs, as well as many of his published works in several editions in Italian and foreign.
Do not miss it!

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