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The places of the First World War

Anniversary 1915 - 1918

The places of the First World War

With the occasion of the centenary of the First World War, we suggest you some points of historical interest to visit as the city of Bassano was involved in the conflict and the whole area is rich in archaeological sites and highlights the conflict.

Important places to visit in Bassano:
- Tempio Ossario
- Monumento Generale Giardino
- Parco Ragazzi ’99
- Museo storico Ca’ Erizzo
- Museo degli Alpini

And in the surroundings:
- Museo della Guerra Monte Asolone – Val dea Giara
- Postazioni Merlo e Museo del Recuperante – San Nazario
- Campo dea Roa, Ponte San Lorenzo e Col Del Gallo – Solagna
- Museo del Covolo di Buttistone – Cismon del Grappa
- Sacrario Militare, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele III e Rifugio Bassano in Cima Grappa

Bassano del Grappa, in fact, became a temporary refuge for the fleeing soldiers and thousands of civilians harassed by the advance Austro - Hungarian monarchy. The damage to the historic center were marginal due to the tightness of the front line on the Grappa which cost about 22,000 deaths; we estimate a total number of 70,000 units between the fallen, wounded, prisoners and missing.

For a richer and more complete itinerary, visit the Altopiano of Asiago, Recoaro, Schio and Tonezza

Several suggestions of itineraries are available at the reception