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The White Asparagus of Bassano...

...the season is started!

The White Asparagus of Bassano...

From 19th March to 13th June is the ideal season to taste one of the most famous typical products of Bassano del Grappa, wich characterize the taste and quality of our cuisine during the spring season.

Villa Ca’ Sette choses to buy this special product to local producers located in the central area of production that only use traditional cultivation techniques.

The most important characteristics of the White Asparagus of Bassano are:
- the “whiteness” due to the absence of chlorophyll
- the “uniformity” of asparagus that make up the bunches
- the “absence of cracks” and the “closure of the apex” of the asparagus that must be closed and unrelieved.

Choosing is not always easy, but the white asparagus of Bassano is garanteed DOP – protected designation of origin Bassano white asparagus – and then…. Prized for being unique, garanteed as being unique.